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Make Money From Mobile Phone

Hello Everyone!!!!!! Welcome to Digital Marketing, here I am always talk about making money from Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Earning Apps, Email Marketing and many more.  Today everyone knows about Online Earning but not everyone is earning through this platform, some people are interested in Online Earning but they don't have any knowledge about it so they can't but some people knows about it and have some knowledge about it but they don't have any PC's and Laptops so they can't do it. Many followers asked me on Instagram to tell them about a simple way of earning that they can use it in mobile phone. So I have got something for you all, so you can earn money using your Mobile Phone. So without wasting time lets start our main topic.    So you have to create a app using Appy Pie, so first create a app. So after you have created an app using a Appy Pie but you're not making any money. In today's article we will talk about how you can make money from

Understanding The Address Verification Process(PIN) & Understanding CPC and CPM for AdSense

Hello Everyone!!!! Welcome to Digital Marketing, here I am always help you regarding Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Online Earnings, and many more. 

In the last article which I have posted in which I have told you about Google AdSense and how to install it in your website. 

Today we will be looking at the process of address verification also known as the mail PIN. I will address some of your most frequently asked questions on this topic. In order to protect the security of accounts Google requires you to verify your address before they can send you any payments. Once you have received a minimum threshold of earnings they mail a personal identification number, known as PIN, to your payment address. Once you receive this PIN, you'll then need to enter it within your AdSense account. If you enter the PIN correctly, your account will be verified and you are eligible to start receiving payments as per their payment process. 

Now, let's take a look at some of your most frequently asked questions: When will my PIN arrive? They'll print and send your PIN by standard mail several days after your account balance reaches the verification threshold for the first time. For US dollar the threshold is 10 US dollars. For Hong Kong dollar the threshold is 100 Hong Kong dollars. PINs are usually sent from abroad. They typically arrive within two to four weeks but may take longer, depending on the postal service in your country. When do I need to enter my PIN? You'll have four months from the date your first PIN is generated to enter it in your account. If you haven't entered it after four months ads will stop showing on your pages. Where can I enter my PIN? When you receive your PIN, enter it in the account information page of your AdSense account. What if my PIN doesn't arrive? It's possible that your PIN could fail to reach you depending on the postal service. If you don't receive your PIN after four weeks you can request a replacement PIN. What if my address is wrong? Before requesting a new PIN make sure that the payment address in your AdSense account is accurate. If there are any errors in your address, or if you've moved to a new address you will need to change the payment address within your account. I hope this information helps you to better understand address verification process. And let me know in the comments if this article has been helpful. 

Understanding CPC and CPM

Understanding CPC and CPM. The world of online advertising is filled with acronyms. CPC, CPM, RPM... the list goes on. While these acronyms represent important metrics, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to increasing these values and, ultimately, increasing your revenue. It's also the case that many of the common acronyms used in the online advertising industry can sometimes mean different things depending on the context and the usage, which can be really confusing. 

Let's walkthrough the most important ones right now, starting with CPM. CPM stands for cost per 1000 impressions. From the advertiser's perspective, CPM refers to the price they're willing to pay to serve one thousand impressions of their ad. So in the AdSense auction if an advertiser bids a CPM of two dollars, this means he or she is willing to pay two dollars for every thousand times the ad appears to a user. You may have noticed that there are no CPM values in your AdSense reporting. In AdSense performance reports, we use the acronym RPM, which stands for revenue per 1000 impressions. Since ads are not displayed in even bundles of one thousand impressions all impressions served on your site, regardless of the bid type, are combined and averaged in your reporting to show your affective revenue per 1000 impressions, or RPM. To recap, RPM is an AdSense only term used to report your impression based revenue. 

CPM is an industry wide term that refers to impression based bids from advertisers. The next acronym to know is CPC. CPC stands for cost per click. The cost per click is the price an advertiser pays each time a user clicks on an ad. In your reporting, CPC metrics show the revenue you receive each time a user clicks on an ad on your site. There are also two new bid types that will become increasingly popular down the road. The first is CPE or cost per engagement. With engagement ads, the advertiser pays only when a user interacts with the ad in a particular way beyond just clicking on it. These ads are largely video and rich media ads. 

The other new bidding metric is active view CPM. With active view CPM bidding, advertisers bid on 1000 viewable impressions and only pay for impressions that are measured as viewable. That is when at least 50 percent of the ad is displayed on screen for at least one second. As these new bidding types become more common, they will continue to provide more information on them, including in your AdSense reporting. In this unit, focus on the changes you can make to your ad set up to attract higher paying ads from advertisers. And will cover the various settings for your ads and your AdSense account that could have had direct impact on your ad unit CPM and CPC. Please check official channel of Google AdSense on YouTube for more settings and Information 

Thanks for reading this article and please let me know in comment section below if this article is helpful for you...


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