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Make Money From Mobile Phone

Hello Everyone!!!!!! Welcome to Digital Marketing, here I am always talk about making money from Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Earning Apps, Email Marketing and many more.  Today everyone knows about Online Earning but not everyone is earning through this platform, some people are interested in Online Earning but they don't have any knowledge about it so they can't but some people knows about it and have some knowledge about it but they don't have any PC's and Laptops so they can't do it. Many followers asked me on Instagram to tell them about a simple way of earning that they can use it in mobile phone. So I have got something for you all, so you can earn money using your Mobile Phone. So without wasting time lets start our main topic.    So you have to create a app using Appy Pie, so first create a app. So after you have created an app using a Appy Pie but you're not making any money. In today's article we will talk about how you can make money from

How To Trade With Less Money Using Margin Trading Facility

Hello Everyone!!!!!! Welcome to Digital Marketing, I am always here for you all with new topics some Ideas for earn money online. Today we have lots of option for building wealth and making good financial life like part time jobs, data entry jobs, online jobs, share market, affiliate marketing and many more. In last article I've told you about Nifty and Sensex, today we are going to talk about "how to trade with less money using margin trading facility" so without wasting time lets start....

So friends, as you all know that from December 2020, SEBI has brought new rules regarding margin. SEBI will gradually take away the margin trading facilities. Now you need to keep 25% of the trading amount in your account. Suppose your trade value in intraday is RS 100000. You need to keep 25%. i.e. RS 25000 in your account. Later, the margin will rise to 50% and afterwards it will become 75% margin. And thereafter you need to keep 100% margin. At the end of this year, there will be no margin trading facility in intraday. It means friends, if your trading value is RS 100000, you need to keep RS 100000 in your account. But for small traders, this margin rule presents a very big problem. Suppose you have only RS 10000. So will you not be able to do margin trading? 

Because through margin trading a trader may learn a lot with RS 10000 only.  Earlier we used to get 10x, 20x margin. There were even such stocks that gave 20 times margin. So this new rule poses great problems for the small traders. In this article, I will tell you how even today, you can get good margin facilities. Astha Trade is giving you such benefits. Big brokers like Zerodha, Upstox is not giving you such facilities. But Astha Trade is giving you such facilities. So friends in this article I will tell you how you can MTF to margin trading facility. And friends, if you want to open an account in Upstox, Grow trade just tell me in comments, I will give you a link in the comment section. Just ask me for a link and then you can check there in comment section for the link. Else you can DM me on the Instagram page(@simp_leearning) you can check there also. 

Now friends, let me take you to the main topic and I will tell you in details. So friends, let us directly go to topic and start the learning "How to trade with less money". As you all know Astha trade is starting margin trading facility. I will tell you how the clients of Astha Trade apply the MTF and activate that in their client code. For that, please open the Astha Trade website and go to the menu option. See in menu option, the pledge request is there. Beside that, you can see MTF option. From there client can send request for MTF activation. I will also posting a article regarding FAQ on MTF. From there, clients can go through it. In addition, I also tell you how we can go to our trading terminals, Astha trade web application and ODIN. So let us log on to ODIN AERO. After login just click on Menu option. Normally we log in the web option. We will follow the simple process of placing a normal order.  

Say if we want to take MTF facility in HDFC. So you can click on the buy option. There you can see a new option MTF is there. So you will simply click on MTF. There we can place our desired quantity in quantity box. Now we can place the order, the MTF option is for those clients who  has active MTF facility in their respective codes. See there, and check for or with another code. See there in some of this code MTF facility is not yet activated. So you have get the option of Bracket Order there. So we should get MTF option  in place of Bracket Order if the MTF facility was activated earlier.  We will get MTF there. We only need to select MTF there place our order. 

Besides, you can also trade from their mobile app. In mobile app/Astha trade/ web application you can get mobile trade option.  But from there you can not get that. So let me tell how you can place an order in MTF. In the mobile app, we also place an order like we place order normally. Click on the chosen scrip then click on buy. There in product type, we will select MTF instead of margin. then we select the quantity and place the order accordingly. So this process of MTF facility is available only in ODIN AERO and their web based application only. So friends, I have told you even in 2021, how you can trade with margin in Astha Trade. They call it MTF. So you can take this facility from today.  You can enjoy the advantage of MTF. To take this advantage you need to open a trading account in Astha Trade. So ask me in the comment section below for a link, I will put a link for account opening in Astha Trade. Else you can check the Instagram page also. 

So, friends, I post these kinds of article every week, twice a week. So friends, who have not yet followed to my blog, kindly follow to my blog and please do not forget to tell about your queries in comment section I will solve your queries within 24 hours. So whenever I post a new article you will get an instant email notification if you are following my blog. So friends, thank you very much for reading this article till the very end.  Please do not forget to make comments. Please read articles like this here and share it with your friends too. So friends, let me come to you again with a new article. Till then goodbye. Thank you very much.

If you want to learn everything about share market and Digital Marketing please tell me in comments and else you can simply DM me on our Instagram page, thank you for giving your valuable time in reading this article. 


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