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Make Money From Mobile Phone

Hello Everyone!!!!!! Welcome to Digital Marketing, here I am always talk about making money from Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Earning Apps, Email Marketing and many more.  Today everyone knows about Online Earning but not everyone is earning through this platform, some people are interested in Online Earning but they don't have any knowledge about it so they can't but some people knows about it and have some knowledge about it but they don't have any PC's and Laptops so they can't do it. Many followers asked me on Instagram to tell them about a simple way of earning that they can use it in mobile phone. So I have got something for you all, so you can earn money using your Mobile Phone. So without wasting time lets start our main topic.    So you have to create a app using Appy Pie, so first create a app. So after you have created an app using a Appy Pie but you're not making any money. In today's article we will talk about how you can make money from

How To Earn 10$ In Online Job In 10-20 Minutes

Hello Everyone!!!!!!! Welcome to Digital Marketing, every time here we discuss about how to make money online, stock market, digital marketing and many more. Many people asking me about some online ad clicking jobs, online survey jobs. So today I will tell you about a very useful and trustful job that can pay you 5-10$ in just 10-20 minutes. So without wasting time lets start....

This is user testing job and they paid 10$ for it. I will teach you the online job that we can make as a sideline. They are paying me 10$ fixed for 5 to 20minutes of tests, this is good while you are doing Facebook or playing games. Lets go now to user testing sign up there and you will get to see your dashboard, then go to your dashboard. You can see the available tests there as of now you will don't have any available tests, but before anything else I will tell you about their proof of payment there on Pay pal, because USERTESTING pay you using pay pal and after doing a task you will get to see USERTESTIGN in pay pal. They paid 10$ the good thing about there is that they pay you fixed 10$ for 1 test. 

So lets go back now, as of now you will only got 1 test completed because we don't have the time to focus in here for the time being. For now you don't have available test but earlier I was able to screenshot that I have 2 available test , this is the sample. The available test for me is for windows computer, there are also available here for Android, I pad, Tablet Most of the test I see in there is for android that mean you can take the test in Android only you can take the test in android. Like there you will get one you can take this test only in computer(if it is available only for computer) so it means it is better if you have a lot of devices but it is ok if you only have 1 device. Before you can start a test you must take a screener first screener lasts for only 10 to 20seconds they will just ask like Single or married are you living in the US or Philippines. If you didn't pass unfortunately you will be sent back to your dashboard it means you didn't qualify to take the test. 

That's the dashboard 1 test lasts for about minimum of 5 minutes up to 20 minutes, It is better if you will make your content better for you to have a better rating. You can see my completed tests(In my Instagram profile) as of now I got 2, It was indicated in there unclaimed in pay pal but this is the other one. The I like here In User testing, their Support center is very good, I Made a mistake In the spelling of my pay pal they send it to another pay pal account But they were able to fix it. So I was able to claim it I still have a pending 10 dollars Another thing in there is that you do not need to withdraw your payment there once you take a test. Once you take a test automatic after 7 days you took it, they will send it to your pay pal so it is automatic, no need to withdraw one more thing is that you must make a quality work. So that you can have a good ratings the more higher rating that you got, the more they will give you tests. 

Like some of them gave me a comment "very thorough and thoughtful Comments Thanks"! There at the top you will see your total payment pending, for example you are in the app in your android device, ( because they will ask you to install an app). For you to record your dashboard will be like this recent average rating, try it to be as high as possible. So I will make an example how to take a test How to take a test, they will tell you to go to a website but it is automatic if you click start they will send you to the website, they will just ask you to do something that you need to follow and one more thing, you need to speak a little clear English you do not need to be fluent, you just need to be clear so this is the example you have a little dashboard at the top right. That is the instruction of what you must do, mine is try to add 1 item to your cart and what you expect when you click the cart button So for example I'm going to try to add this apple OTG pen drive for apple or  I phone 6s. 

This is the add cart I find it easily I'm going to try to click it, I expect that if I click this one It will just go to my cart and I can still look for more. Ok so if you click that you will instantly proceed to check out or confirmation it's not what I've expected but I think you can still close this one and you can still shop for more so I'm right you can still shop for more. That's it If you are done with that instruction just click next, make sure that you understand the instruction very well. At least you can get what you really want Just click next if you're done Minimum 5 min up to 20 minutes. The longer the better so that you will have a good content there is really not a lot of test a day Like me this day I only got 5 or 6 test that appeared to me and I didn't qualify to all of that.   

I am not compatible to take those test, Do not make false  information For example " are you finish" Or do you live in Finland? do you know how to speak in. Do you know to speak Finnish Do not say yes if you do not know, you will not get paid if you we're not able to do the instruction, do not say that you can speak that If you cant I saw many tests like this, do you know how to Speak Hebrew. Do not lie because you will not get paid and they will give you a 1 star rating and you do not like that, the good thing in here tests are not always available while doing Facebook, for example you are here in pay pal or while you are shopping, you will see there will be a notification like in Facebook (1). It means there is available test for you it is not good, If you wait in the dashboard Because test aren't really available all the time it is good to wait while you are doing something else. 

Personally I am taking Other Online Job so that if there is available I will prioritize this one because this one pays a decent amount of money than other online jobs, just pays 5 dollars , 1 dollar. So it is like I have 2 incomes I will teach you in the next article the other online jobs that I am doing.

 "All the data given in the article is my all personal experience, many times many peoples face problems while reading article like they don't understand what's going on in the article but you don't worry, if you don't understand anything about article please feel free to comment in comment section below and I will solve your query within 24 hours". 


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