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Top 10 jobs you can Work from home


Top 10 jobs we can work from home :

1. Clicking Ads :

Ad Clicking Work is being facilitating by many popular websites and is most popular among a days. It is comparably easier thus primarily approached by millions of people interested to work at home. You can get paid simply by clicking and watching the ads for few seconds.

2. Online Survey Jobs :

Online Survey Jobs give several opportunities to earn considerable income online at home. Online survey is the best option for home makers, part times, students or anyone. Good survey sites are abundantly available, all you need to sign up and earn by simple surveys.

3. Writing Jobs :

There is lots of work on internet if you are good in writing skills. You can earn more for writing 500 words content. There are different types of writing like writing for blogs and websites content planner, blog editor, proof reader, blog consultant etc. there are dozens of sites like I writer, Freelancer etc. where you can sign up and get lots of writing jobs.

4. Beauty Parlours :

This is also a good job to start from home. Before starting a beauty parlour from home you have do beautician course which is 2-3 months and experience of working as a beautician required. You can earn more money here also mouth publicity is required you can just inform your neighbors and friends.

5. Seller on Flip-kart, eBay or Amazon :

This is also great work from home job for you. You have already the huge growth of online shopping you can become an online seller with number of different portals like Amazon, Flip-kart, eBay, Snap-deal and others sell products online. Now they are top seller on these sites there are thousands of sellers on these websites who earn good money from it. Just go to your local market and do some research and selling products on these sites.

6. Food Delivery Service :

This is most prevalent option available now a days. Now a days restaurants get more than 25% of order for food delivery at their customers home. Many of restaurants provide this service and need to hire number of staffs because customers order from different locations. You can take the advantage of this.

7. Get Paid To Work :

Get paid to is also similar job from home to ad clicking you can do different types of work easily. There are 3-4 websites which are trusted and provided regular work to their members. You can sign-up with these websites and work on different types of simple tasks and get paid.

8. You Tube Channel :

There is also good way to earn money from home. If you create videos on your mobile then uploading the same videos on you tube can earn you good income. Only one thing you need to do is sign up as a You Tube partner.

You can also create a video on a particular topic. You can create videos of your cooking at home, English classes, general knowledge classes videos, some humorous discussions between your friends, videos of restaurant or dish, some places or anything which you can uploaded your videos and earn good income through you tube channel.

9. Baby Sitting :

There is one another home job for you but if you like children and can take care of them you can start your own Baby Sitting In this work from home job you can earn quite a handsome income. But you should have big space in your house or extra bedroom so that your family members don’t disturb. You can start this job by taking care of your relatives or neighbors kids. When you can starting this job firstly decide the number of kids you can manage at a time.

10. Data Entry :

Numerous companies are looking for workers you can fill online form to join their companies. It is online data entry, home typing jobs, work full or part time from home. There is no experience required. You can earn Rs 20 to 30 for every visitor sent from your posted ads. You will be paid from Rs 1 to Rs 500 for completing daily tasks in our site. Just login to our site daily the task that you like to finish them and get paid.


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