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How to get Freelancing Projects in Digital Marketing(My Secrets)

Hello Everyone!!!!!! Welcome to Digital Marketing , here I always post about digital marketing, share market, online earning, Google AdSense and many more. Today in this generation of Internet things are becomes easier than old time and there are many profitable things on Internet, but not everyone knows about it. But learning about Digital Marketing, Online Earnings is very useful to you for building your wealth. In this world of Internet there are many option for earning money online. And today I am going to tell you about How to get Freelancing Projects in Digital Marketing.  I will share with you some steps to carry out the plan to leave your current job and pursue FREELANCE career. Which is, working freely according to your time and plan under your name, let's start. Today I will talk about how to get freelancing digital marketing projects. I will talk about 2 things the first one is how to target the domestic market and the second one is how to target the international market

Best Online Data Entry jobs - Complete Guide

So Hi, Everyone And welcome back to our Work from Home Story. A new article about online home-based job where you can work in the comfort of your own home. If this is your first time on my blog, I create articles about online home-based jobs. If you are planning to work from home and you are looking for online jobs please comment in comment section about online home-based jobs. 

Mostly, newbies, students and those who plan to take part time jobs are looking for typing jobs. That is why for today's article, I am going to share with you another online job. It called Data Entry. I'm going to share with you what Data Entry is, what skills and tools are required for this kind of job and of course, where to apply. So, if you want to know what data entry is, keep on reading! 
But,  have also many application competitors. The reason behind it is, fellow VAs, because the easiest jobs attract the most applicants. You have many competitors for that position, especially if the job is easy. Most of the time, people usually go for easy earned money. We must admit it. We also came to the point where we want an easy job rather than a difficult one. So if you want to apply for an easy job, competition will be stiff, especially now that many are more informed of how easy data entry is. Now,

What is Data Entry?

Data entry simply means entering the given information into the electronic formats by using data processing programs such as MS word, Notepad or even in the online forms. So the people who do data entry jobs are called Data Entry Operators.
So to be successful as a data entry operator you should have a good typing speed. For this kind of typing job your speed is measured in the number of words that you type in a minute.
Many businesses need workers to enter or encode various data into their systems. These data can either be for tracking their inventories, shipments, create business plans, or to measure the performance and output of their respective businesses. Since computer and typing skills are the most important and required for this job, many data entry workers are able to work at home and on a schedule that fits their lifestyle. 

What are the skills and tools that are required to do online data entry jobs? Individuals doing online data entry jobs must be a fast and accurate typist. Many companies pay only based on the number of accurate keystrokes made. The basic skills required for a data entry job include: fast and accurate typing skills; basic computing skills; experience in working with Word processing, database, and presentation software; you also need to know how to use MS Excel or Google Spreadsheet. There will be instances that you are going to put database contents into Excel or Google Spreadsheet. Lastly, you will also need a good working computer with a high-speed internet connection. Where can we apply for this kind of job? Actually, fellow VAs. we have two platforms where we can find a listings of this jobs. 

You can find data entry job listings on and Upwork. So now, I'm going to share some stuff to show you how to search for data entry jobs using Upwork and We will also try to see how much salary a data entry job offers if we work for this kind of job. Let's get started with Log-in using your account/profile on Here it fellow VAs. See the search tab here? We are going to type in 'Data Entry' and search. Data entry related job listings will appear on the contents. When I apply for work, fellow VAs, I make sure to find the most recent job postings. For postings that are made 30 to 1 hour ago, chances are, the applicants are the least in number. Doing so increases the possibility of getting the position desired. 

Here, the rates ranges from $2 per hour or $720 per month. It varies depending on the job descriptions posted. The highest rate I found is around 250 per hour offered by for a data entry job. Since this is mostly a typing job, maybe we can go for it and try this out. Here it is. It says here to have good English communication skills, a reliable computer with minimum of 8GB RAM, stable internet connection with a minimum of 5Mbps, has MS Office application installed like MS Word, Excel and Outlook, and access to Google Spreadsheet. 

Another requirement is to have a knowledge on Information Technology and Software Engineering is a plus but not required. So, if you are not have some knowledge on IT or are not good in Software Engineering, it is not required. You need to work 7pm to 3am, Philippine time, which counts for 40 hours per week, or 8 hours per day, fellow VAs. I think this is a good time schedule. 
Another requirement is you need to have dual monitors or two monitor/screens for your computer. Here are some benefits you'll get. You'd be able to work from home everyday. Paid training is given, which is good. You get paid while learning a new skill. Pay out every other friday, which means twice per month. Possibly yearly bonus based on performance. So, if you do well, bonuses will be given by the client. This job also offers 'Birthday off'. Good offers isn't it? Make sure, fellow VAs, to follow instructions or details on where to apply. This means you are not going to apply thru Online Jobs but directly on the client's Skype. 

Now, let's try how to apply for a job via Upwork. I'll be logging in on my Upwork profile/account. So here is my Upwork Profile. What we need to do is search for 'Data Entry' jobs on the search tab. We apply the same procedures we did in Online Jobs to Upwork. It says here that there are 6,039 jobs found. Wow, plenty of listings to choose from. Take a look at here, fellow VAs. Here on this Data Entry job, you can earn as much as $6 to $7 per hour. For this specific data entry job, you need to find or generate leads for this client. The hourly rate is $6 to $7, a generous amount for this kind of job and 30 hours per week which accounts for 6 hours per day. This project's length is from 3 to 6 months. Other required skills must include  a working knowledge on Data Entry,  Data Mining and Internet Research. So, fellow VAs, you can use your lead generation skills for this job. 

That's it, you just need to submit a proposal by clicking on this button and start applying. Before submitting your proposal or applying for a job here on Upwork, fellow VAs, make sure to answer questions or follow instructions given by the client. [reading questions and additional details about client] The clients account have yet to be verified. So that's it, fellow VAs! That is how simple to apply for a data entry job using Upwork or Make sure to find ways to standout for better opportunities to get a job like this.

Best websites to get Online Data Entry Jobs
We have collected the best sources that provide online data entry jobs. Let’s get started!

Online Micro job sites

There are a lot of micro job sites like mTurk that offer data entry jobs. The best ones are:





You can try any or all of these sites to get data entry work without any investment.

Freelancing sites :

Try these sites and work on regular basis. You would surely start making decent income!

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