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Make Money From Mobile Phone

Hello Everyone!!!!!! Welcome to Digital Marketing, here I am always talk about making money from Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Earning Apps, Email Marketing and many more.  Today everyone knows about Online Earning but not everyone is earning through this platform, some people are interested in Online Earning but they don't have any knowledge about it so they can't but some people knows about it and have some knowledge about it but they don't have any PC's and Laptops so they can't do it. Many followers asked me on Instagram to tell them about a simple way of earning that they can use it in mobile phone. So I have got something for you all, so you can earn money using your Mobile Phone. So without wasting time lets start our main topic.    So you have to create a app using Appy Pie, so first create a app. So after you have created an app using a Appy Pie but you're not making any money. In today's article we will talk about how you can make money from
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How To Earn 10$ In Online Job In 10-20 Minutes

Hello Everyone!!!!!!! Welcome to Digital Marketing, every time here we discuss about how to make money online, stock market, digital marketing and many more. Many people asking me about some online ad clicking jobs, online survey jobs. So today I will tell you about a very useful and trustful job that can pay you 5-10$ in just 10-20 minutes. So without wasting time lets start.... This is user testing job and they paid 10$ for it. I will teach you the online job that we can make as a sideline. They are paying me 10$ fixed for 5 to 20minutes of tests, this is good while you are doing Facebook or playing games. Lets go now to user testing sign up there and you will get to see your dashboard, then go to your dashboard. You can see the available tests there as of now you will don't have any available tests, but before anything else I will tell you about their proof of payment there on Pay pal, because USERTESTING pay you using pay pal and after doing a task you will get to see USERTESTI

How To Trade With Less Money Using Margin Trading Facility

Hello Everyone!!!!!! Welcome to Digital Marketing, I am always here for you all with new topics some Ideas for earn money online. Today we have lots of option for building wealth and making good financial life like part time jobs, data entry jobs, online jobs, share market, affiliate marketing and many more. In last article I've told you about Nifty and Sensex, today we are going to talk about "how to trade with less money using margin trading facility" so without wasting time lets start.... So friends, as you all know that from December 2020, SEBI has brought new rules regarding margin. SEBI will gradually take away the margin trading facilities. Now you need to keep 25% of the trading amount in your account. Suppose your trade value in intraday is RS 100000. You need to keep 25%. i.e. RS 25000 in your account. Later, the margin will rise to 50% and afterwards it will become 75% margin. And thereafter you need to keep 100% margin. At the end of this year, there will be n

What Is Sensex And Nifty In Stock Market ?

Hello Everyone!!!!!! Welcome to Digital Marketing, in last article I have told you about cryptocurrency and how much it costs for mining. Today we are going to learn about Sensex and Nifty in Stock Market. Today everyone knows about Stock Market but many of people only knows about Stock Market but they don't know about how to invest in stock market and how to buy / sell shares or stocks. And also many people don't know about some important parts of Stock Market like Sensex, Nifty, Bank Nifty, Intraday, and many more. So today we are going to learn some of these, that is Sensex and Nifty.  In India, the NSE (National Stock Exchange) & the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) are two major stock exchanges. The stock exchange is a market where a deal is made between the buyers and sellers of the shares both Nifty and Sensex are indices. Sensex is the main index of the Bombay Stock Exchange while Nifty is the National Stock Exchanges' main index . There are more than 5000 companies

How Much It Costs To Mine For Cryptocurrency

Hello everyone!! I'm back with the new topic. So, without wasting time lets start...  Everyone seems to want in on this cryptocurrency boom, bitcoin topped fifty eight thousand dollars for the first time ever in February 2021 Bitcoin spiking, as we learned just moments ago that Tesla bought one point five billion dollars of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, crossing fifty thousand for the first time ever. Give me a straight line, judge. But it's one hundred thousand, I think in 2021. The more people that own and use it and then begin to transact on it. The more valuable the Bitcoin is itself. Ether The world's second biggest cryptocurrency has also been hitting new record highs this year and even the price of dogecoin, a cryptocurrency invented as a joke that doesn't have the same serious function and institutional backing is something like Bitcoin surged more than 50 percent after an Elon Musk tweet. While it's easier than ever to buy a small fraction of one Bitcoin usin

5 Highest Paying Jobs For College Students

Hello Everyone!!!!!! Welcome to Digital Marketing, lots of students think about part time jobs, online jobs, for making good money for their daily needs.....  I’m revealing five high paying jobs perfect for college students, jobs that will not only pay the bills but will give you skills to impress any recruiter. These aren’t the typical college jobs like waiting tables or uber but jobs that pay $25 an hour and set you up after graduation. We’re talking best jobs for students today on Let’s Talk Money. Beat debt. Make money. Make your money work for you. Creating the financial future you deserve. Let's talk money. So if you’ve been looking for college jobs on YouTube or the net, you’re probably tired of the easy, no experience stuff like working as a waiter or transcriptionist or driving Uber. Do you really need someone to say that you can make money as a waiter? I’m not saying these aren’t legit jobs but it’s now what you should be thinking for a great college jobs.  Sure, they’ll

Understanding The Address Verification Process(PIN) & Understanding CPC and CPM for AdSense

Hello Everyone!!!! Welcome to Digital Marketing, here I am always help you regarding Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Online Earnings, and many more.  In the last article which I have posted in which I have told you about Google AdSense and how to install it in your website.  Today we will be looking at the process of address verification also known as the mail PIN. I will address some of your most frequently asked questions on this topic. In order to protect the security of accounts Google requires you to verify your address before they can send you any payments. Once you have received a minimum threshold of earnings they mail a personal identification number, known as PIN, to your payment address. Once you receive this PIN, you'll then need to enter it within your AdSense account. If you enter the PIN correctly, your account will be verified and you are eligible to start receiving payments as per their payment process.  Now, let's take a look at some of your most frequent